Runners Stretched by Brighton Half Marathon!

Runners Stretched by Brighton Half Marathon!

Pancake Day! Some people use this as an opportunity to take part in pancake races. Not us. Here in the Bozboz bunker we prefer to eat our pancakes, not run around with them. 

And speaking of running around, we’d like to say a massive “Well Done!” to our lovely clients Lee from Believe, Katy from PAM and James from Hanover IT who all took part in the Brighton Half Marathon on Sunday and raised lots of money for some very good causes.  

But as if running for over 13 miles without any pancakes wasn’t bad enough, it turns out that the organisers of the Brighton race had a measuring gremlin which meant that the course was 500 yards longer than it should have been! 

So even bigger congratulations due to everyone who took part!

Bozboz participated as usual by eating fried breakfasts, playing computer games and giving moral support. 

Maybe next year we’ll run. If nothing else, it’s a great excuse for trainer shopping. 

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