Data, Analytics & Insights

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    Powerful Insights

    Make better business decision today, with real insights taken from your user data - to drive award-winning results.
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    Customer Driven

    Understanding your customer is the key to business success. Use real data to truly get to know your target audience.
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    Cement your position as market leader through an ongoing commitment to data driven business decisions.
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    Monthly Reports

    We cut through the noise, with simple easy-to-follow reports. Choose from our standard reports or create a dashboard.

"Bozboz delivered an excellent finished product; a website we are able to drive leads through to conversion with great results, and their marketing team has produced some excellent returns on ad spends. Our customer base is growing rapidly and the website supports this with ease"

Gary Sallis, italk

Clear, actionable insights to grow your brand

You want clear, actionable insights that allow you to better understand your customers and help you improve your marketing. We’re with you.

We specialise in working with marketing managers and business owners. Helping them make more effective decisions through data driven insights.

By combining best practice data collection and analytics techniques with in-depth business knowledge, we extract the meaningful trends and patterns that can actually add value to your brand. We understand as a modern marketer, you’ve got more access to data than ever before. But without the time, tools or skills to turn it into insights it’s worthless. Let us help you out.

Clear, actionable insights to grow your brand

So, how do we help?

With an unwavering commitment to helping your business grow, we make the ongoing delivery of real insights a top priority.

Our in-house data analytics team ensure that every month you gain a deeper understanding of your customers, competitors and overall marketing performance, with simple, easy-to-follow reports.

You’ll get regular face time with our marketing experts to help you assess the findings and decide what to do next. This ability to see what’s working and what’s not, whilst staying on top of the ever evolving competitive landscape is the key in delivering long term, sustainable results.

So, how do we help?

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