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Established as a premier thought leadership, marketing, and PR consultancy in the B2B sphere, Man Bites Dog (MBD) is based in Brighton and boasts a global vision. Harnessing the collective intellect of 30 professionals, MBD produces influential campaigns for substantial global firms, chiefly in the tech, financial services, and professional services sectors. Their adeptness in developing award-winning thought leadership campaigns on pivotal topics such as sustainability and the future of work sets them apart as a standard-bearer in their field.

The Challenge

Man Bites Dog realised that their online persona needed a significant upgrade to echo their evolving market stature. They felt that their existing website was somewhat at odds with the agency's talent, capabilities, and global thought leadership status. To safeguard their leading edge and keep delivering compelling campaigns and content to the international brands' C-suite, MBD sought a website revamp that could broadcast their ethos effectively.

The task was to understand Man BItes Dog's unique business challenges and craft a creative solution that echoed the brand's potency. The refreshed website needed to position MBD as a global thought leader while refining the editing experience to meet the MBD team's needs.

Furthermore, the website required an astute restructure to enhance user experience, with evergreen content tidily presented as Pillar Pages and Content Clusters. The strategy aimed to attract more organic traffic from those captivated by MBD's content themes, such as sustainability.

The Approach

Following a successful discovery phase, Bozboz got into action to refine MBD's branding guidelines. Though not a complete branding overhaul, style tiles and design concepts played a critical role in setting the creative direction for the new website. Collaborating hand in hand with Man Bites Dog, we built the new website in WordPress, providing the MBD team more control over day-to-day content management. The approach allowed for the harmonious interlinking of content, showcasing relevant case studies and thought leadership articles on service pages, thus offering users specific content rather than generic information.

Custom blocks were developed to pull through tagged content wherever the blocks were positioned, minimising manual efforts while harnessing the full power of the WordPress backend. This arrangement streamlined content management and amplified the overall user experience.





The Outcome

With an improved user experience, well-organised evergreen content, and a focus on thought-provoking content, the website invites the audience to ponder over global issues and their role in solving them. MBD's brand identity now resonates powerfully through their website, creating a meaningful and enduring connection with brands that perceive themselves as responsible leaders. The refreshed website showcases MBD's capabilities, encourages engagement, and solidifies their position as a sought-after consultancy for thought leadership, marketing, and PR in the B2B sector.

A screenshot of the Man Bites Dog website

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