Bozboz crest

Our story

Bozboz is more than just a marketing agency. Paragons of technical disruption, we constantly challenge the status quo.

We pride ourselves on our deep technical insight, creativity and strong culture and values. We work with inspiring people who value and respect us, and offer the same in return - creating beautiful and innovative products and experiences.

Creative at the core

It’s hard to be creative unless you feel inspired – so we invest heavily in our environment, gaining energy from the space around us.

We spend a lot of time in our studio – it’s where the magic happens. If you visit us, you will see why.

Creative at the core

Are you up to a big game, taking the world on, growing beyond your comfort zone?

Do you need a creative team by your side that will deliver every time? Then you are in the right place.

Our 25-strong creative team includes digital strategists, graphic designers and developers.

All of our projects are undertaken from our studio on the South coast, utilising a wide array of talent to create unique campaigns.

Our people are what makes our projects great