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The inspirational blueprint

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Moodboards are the first step in the brand design journey. These collections of images, textures, and colours create an inspirational blueprint, guiding design decisions, and ensuring alignment with your brand's strategy and personality.

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Designing distinctiveness

Your logo, colour palette, and typography are more than just design elements. They are the visual articulation of your brand's identity. We develop logo concepts, choose colours, and select typefaces that embody your brand's character. Each choice is thoughtful, strategic, and designed to set your brand apart.
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Creating cohesion

Bringing together every element of your visual identity is the brand book. This invaluable resource holds your visual identity guidelines, including logo usage, colour palette, typography, visual devices, photography guidelines and tone of voice. It's an essential guide for anyone working on or with your brand, ensuring that every piece of communication is consistent, cohesive, and true to your brand story.
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Case studies

"I believe Real Patisserie brand is a strong one but certain elements were hidden to customers. Bozboz helped us first to identify what these were - and through doing so helped convey to customers what goes on behind the Real Patisserie shops, and the food we make"

Justin Gourlay
Real Patisserie

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