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Bozboz is an award-winning web design agency in Brighton, UK, focussed on crafting best-in-class digital experiences for brands and consumers. Our goal is simple - to liberate visionary founders, marketing mavericks and digital trailblazers from the shackles of outdated technologies.



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Spoilt for Choice - How finding a web agency is becoming a bit like choosing your next Netflix show

Have you ever found yourself endlessly scrolling through Netflix for hours on end, unable to find the right fit or make a final decision? The world of web design and development agencies is heading in the same direction.

Web Insights 2024 - How to Ensure Your Website is More Than Just a Digital Brochure

We’re digging into the importance of your “digital shop window” and how to make your website stand out in 2024.

Why Mainstream Brands are Flocking to Shopify

Some of the world’s largest companies and household names are jumping ship and choosing Shopify for a multitude of reasons.

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