A different festival experience

Our Head of Content, Sophie Turton, explores what it's really like to be an on-the-ground marketeer during festival season.

Festivals are hella hectic. I know because I’ve danced like a loon at my fair share, shedding glitter and feathers like a fairy with an identity crisis. Working at festivals, however, is a totally new level of mayhem. After eight months of an intense digital marketing campaign that nurtured a downright genius command of emojipedia, Sundown had finally arrived and the Bozboz digital marketing team were there to capture the action in real time. 

Armed with Access All Areas passes, DSLRs and iphones, and with a myriad of social apps open and ready, we planned our attack with military precision. Splitting up and each taking a stage was the easy part, navigating the undulating crowds, less so. 

The atmosphere was electric and our main job for the weekend was to capture it.

From interviewing festival goers, live streaming the headliners via Facebook Live and capturing the crowds on Instagram stories, we were on the go from 6am to midnight, racking up an impressive 25 miles on the fitbit.

We worked closely with Sundown’s PR company, Zeitgeist, who specialise in music PR and who work on Reading and Leeds festivals each year. They helped us to arrange interviews with the acts and we worked together on recordings of exclusive back stage jam sessions. 

The festival marketing strategy involved a mix of live streamed videos, carefully shot images and interviews across Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and the Sundown app. We captured the festival visually and crafted copy to compliment the imagery in real time:  reacting, creating and pushing out the message - ‘you do not want to miss this.’ 

Over the course of two days, we created 43 Snapchat posts with an average of 1795 views on each, 20 Instagram stories, with an average of 800 views each, 33 Instagram posts, 61 Tweets, 6 Facebook posts and 2 Facebook live streams. Our message was heard. Sundown’s website received almost 40,000 visitors that weekend. 

We also managed all customer service via social media throughout. This was how we got the message that a couple had got engaged on the Saturday. Using the Sundown app, we got in touch with them, shimmied our way across the festival site to interview them and bagged them a free VIP upgrade to celebrate. 

Working closely with Sundown’s videographers, we were able to share a Saturday summary video on the Sunday morning. This was highly successful, reaching 63.9k people in total and showcasing those sweet festival vibes in real time. 

The weekend was a great success. Our on-the-ground reporting-style marketing helped to boost sales, create FOMO and firm up each and every one of our bootays. And on top of that, I had the pleasure of engaging in the great Sundown chocolate bar debate with Kano (although I didn’t actually realise it was Kano at the time).

Bring on Sundown 2017.

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