Website launch: Jeremy Paxman

19 September 2016

Bozboz create Jeremy Paxman's latest creative endeavour.

"I can’t recall which clown it was who told me I ought to replace my perfectly serviceable sandwich board with a website. But Bozboz did the business. At least, I think they did. They are certainly a delight to deal with, though what exactly they do, I’m not sure."

Jeremy Paxman

So said the man himself of Bozboz when he asked us to conceive and create Paxman’s inaugural personal website. 

The site will be used as a platform to house his thought-provoking writing for various publications, as well as showcasing his books, personal musings and video content taken from across the decades. A smattering of personal highlights from across his illustrious career are thrown in for good measure.

The site itself is a departure from what might be expected of the literary luminary. With a nod to Victoriana it has a unique style, showing Jeremy’s self-deprecating wit and underpinned by the wry, tone of voice he is famous for.

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