Why you need a side project

9 November 2017

Side project, passion piece, or extracurricular activity - whatever you want to call it, you need one. They give people the opportunity to be creative, to be passionate, and to sometimes do a little bit of good in the world. 

Here’s why we think that side projects are an important part of company culture.

Why should companies have side projects?

Tight deadlines and busy days can be draining and limit people’s creative output. Offering people the chance to work on something different, that they’re enthusiastic about will revitalise their energy, motivation and creativity. It’s a way for teams who don’t usually collaborate to get to know each other better, and build relationships. 

Getting together and working with those who you don’t usually cross paths with allows for exciting, new ideas, new insights, and new outcomes. It’s a great way of building confidence, which in turn galvanises ambition and encourages personal development. A study by Rice University found that a style of management called “empowering leadership” can boost creativity in employees. This supports people to be independent, self-directed and focus on goals they care about.

The Bozboz Gallery

At Bozboz we’re creative at the core, and we believe it’s hard to be creative unless you feel inspired. We invest heavily in our environment, so we can gain energy from the space around us. 

The Bozboz Gallery is Brighton’s most exciting exhibition and event location, based on the first floor of Bozboz HQ. We are consistently name-checked as having one of the coolest and most innovative agency spaces - and we’re incredibly proud to use it as a platform to promote new talent.

Kitty Hennessy, Bozboz’s Marketing Manager, explains the backstory:

"When we were searching for a new agency building, we actively sought out interesting and creative spaces that were inspirational and evocative to be in. In terms of working together, the creative space is very much a separate entity and we host independent exhibitions that are not directly linked to Bozboz. We try very hard to only show work that upholds our values or creativity."

From Mau Mau’s Mildlife Show, celebrating the 40th anniversary of punk rock and Pioneer DJ’s latest product launch, the Bozboz Gallery is an inspiring and unique addition to the office. Stay tuned for what’s happening next - exciting things are on the horizon.

Companies that do it right


Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, created the Sara Blakely Foundation (SBF) to invest in women’s causes. Created in 2006, the mission statement of the project is  “support women and help them SOAR through education, entrepreneurship and the arts”. Sign us up. 


“Uber working with Nasa to develop flying taxis” - this almost sounds like a fake news headline, alas, ambitious plans from Uber will see electric drone-like flying cabs being tested in LA as early as 2020. Do they need to work with Nasa to create flying taxis? No. Should they? Absolutely.

Innocent Smoothies

Since 2003, Innocent have ran their Big Knit campaign, raising money for Age UK to help combat loneliness in older generations. Since then, they’ve given away knitted hats on smoothie bottles every year, and have raised an amazing £2 million for the charity. It’s a great way to create a campaign around something they’re passionate about as a company and raise money for charity along the way. 

Need a hand bringing your passion project to life? Contact Bozboz and find out how to play big.

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