From Boxes to Bytes - Modernising Bearded Bros Online Offering

Bearded Bros

Bearded Bros, Brighton’s beloved removals company, sought our support to rejuvenate their legacy website and streamline their business operations. Their existing website, built several years ago, was in need of modernisation and improved customer journeys to encourage more online quote requests. Our mission was clear: refresh their online presence and create a more efficient, customer-friendly system.

The Challenge

Bearded Bros faced several challenges with their old website:

Aged Visual Design: The previous website no longer mirrored the trusted image of Bearded Bros.
Manual Processes: Staff were bogged down by lots of manual and repetitive time-consuming tasks that could be better supported by a more robust website.
Operational Inefficiencies: Their disparate systems needed consolidation into a centralised CRM to boost efficiency and provide better oversight.

Our goal was to design a website that not only looked modern and engaging but also worked seamlessly with a new CRM system. We aimed to reassure customers of Bearded Bros’ expertise and encourage them to fill out the quote request form directly through the website.

The Approach

We took a multi-step approach to the project, ensuring no stone was left unturned:

Discovery Sessions: We kicked off with in-depth discovery sessions to understand Bearded Bros’ needs and challenges. This helped us define the project scope and align our strategy with their business goals.

Design: We crafted a fresh, playful design that leveraged Bearded Bros’ familiar branding. The new design featured an animated visual device that added a lively touch to the pages, creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors.

Development: Our team built the front-end on WordPress, ensuring a smooth and responsive user experience. Simultaneously, we set up a new HubSpot CRM portal to centralise and consolidate customer interactions.

Form Integration: A standout feature was the multi-step, conversational form built with Gravity Forms. Designed to be engaging and easy to use, this form encourages users to request quotes online, reducing the need for phone inquiries. We customised HubSpot properties and workflows to manage these submissions efficiently.

CRM Integration: We integrated HubSpot to manage deal records and send alerts to the Bearded Bros team whenever a new quote request came in. The system included a meetings calendar for users to book virtual tours, and we provided thorough onboarding support to ensure a smooth transition.

Hosting: We recommended and implemented WPEngine for hosting, taking advantage of its robust performance features.

The Outcome

The new site boasts a host of benefits:

Enhanced User Experience: The modern, playful design creates a welcoming environment that aligns perfectly with Bearded Bros’ brand.

Streamlined Processes: The new multi-step form and HubSpot CRM integration have automated many manual tasks, freeing up staff time and boosting efficiency.

Improved Operational Visibility: The centralised CRM provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions, allowing the team to track and manage deals effectively. This will support better reporting and benchmarking of sales and financial performance over time.

The new website and CRM integration have set Bearded Bros on a path to greater efficiency and customer satisfaction. We’re excited to continue supporting their growth and operational improvements.

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