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Through Arts and Culture

Brighton Fringe


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Brighton Fringe is not just an arts festival; it's a celebration of creativity, community, and boundless artistic expression. As the largest open-access arts festival in England, it opens its arms to creatives from various disciplines, offering them a unique platform to take artistic risks and engage with an enthusiastic audience. This not-for-profit organisation has its roots deeply planted in the community, making performing arts accessible and promoting growth in the field all year round.

The Challenge

Set against Brighton's colourful cultural backdrop, Brighton Fringe faced a compelling challenge: to develop a digital platform that would be as enticing and inclusive as the festival itself. The goal was to create a website that would not only stand out among a multitude of festivals but also encapsulate their mission to inspire, entertain, and unite different audiences.

The task ahead involved a complex choreography of design and functionality to guide various user profiles - whether artists, attendees, sponsors, or supporters - to the information and actions most relevant to them. This also required seamless integration with Eventotron's Super Simple Box Office (SSBO).

The Approach

With the audience in mind, our team got to work on crafting an inviting and intuitive digital space. Following a rigorous discovery process that helped to underpin all of the functional and non-functional requirements, we settled on WordPress as our backbone to ensure both design adaptability and administrative ease.

As part of our strategy, we were keen to liberate the Brighton Fringe team from the limitations of their previous website architecture. A key objective was to structure the CMS logically so that each section of the site could be managed without extensive technical know-how.

In pursuit of a flawless ticketing and event management experience, we worked hand-in-hand with Eventotron, an event management and booking platform. Integrating their native WordPress plugin would give Brighton Fringe a centralised system to manage their back office operations.

Our mutual goal was to facilitate a user journey that felt welcoming and enriching, much like stepping into a world dedicated to the exploration of arts and culture.




The Outcome

When the digital curtains lifted, the newly minted website emerged as a focal point of the Brighton Fringe experience. The story with Brighton Fringe is far from over. Our ongoing collaboration means that we continue to enhance and improve the website, optimising core functionality and user experience. We remain devoted to ensuring that the digital platform stands as a vital tool in Brighton Fringe's quest to bring people together through the transformative power of live performance.