We’re excited to announce Bozboz is now a HubSpot Solutions Partner

Jon Kennett
30 November 2020

We’ve been reflecting a lot lately. 

And maybe we don’t say it enough, but we’re thankful for the clients we work with.

For years, we’ve been providing web, digital marketing, and brand development services. But whether it’s campaign ideation or web design, customer-experience has always been at the heart of what we do. And it’s this approach that’s helped us develop such a fantastically varied client base; we’re now helping organisations in the public sector, tourism, art, music, sport, and more.  

We don’t take this for granted. 

So that’s why we’re pushing things forward. Today, we’re excited to announce that Bozboz has become one of the select few HubSpot Solutions Partners in the U.K. But this isn’t just great news for us; it will offer a significant commercial advantage to our customers. 

Mike Hollingbery, founder of Bozboz, said:

“We understand that for our clients, staying connected to their customers is more important now than ever. We also believe strongly that in a world bombarded by advertising messages, avoiding the scattergun approach to marketing is imperative. Not only is it expensive, it doesn’t drive results either.

At Bozboz, we pride ourselves in our creative. Consequently, we believe that ideas built from empathy - the ones that really resonate - can’t be automated. However, making sure they land at the right time and place is crucial.”

Partnering with HubSpot means our insights team can access tools to reduce data silos, whilst aiding marketing attribution. These advanced features include multivariate testing and can send consumer insights directly to one ecosystem. Importantly, that means they’re placed directly into the hands of our customers.

“In an oversaturated market, providing insight-led customer service is vital. That’s why I’m so excited about the opportunities this highly-customisable platform offers our clients.”

What does this mean for our new and existing clients?

Digital marketing is changing. 

These days, it’s pivoting more and more towards intelligent automation and deeper consumer insight. With that in mind, we’ve carefully considered the impact of this collaboration on our clients. We believe that by adding HubSpot to their technology stack, businesses can support their customers across the entire customer lifecycle - and do so with ease. Once configured, it dramatically improves both customer service and marketing workflows. What’s more, it increases efficiency and saves countless hours spent looking at disparate datasets. That means you’ll have more time to build your brand and do what you love.

Having used HubSpot’s CRM for over 4 years, we’ve seen its capabilities in terms of lead generation, marketing segmentation, and analytics. It offers unparalleled flexibility and, importantly, is always developing. 

Because, fundamentally, HubSpot is a growth platform. It’s designed to take brands from entry to enterprise level. As solutions partners, Bozboz will be offering training, consultancy and CRM set-up packages. But to help clients get the best out of the system and unify their customer journeys, we’re also providing Marketing, Sales and Service modules. We want to collaborate with our client base to drive efficiencies, whilst helping each other grow.

What’s happening now?

Bozboz is starting to provide personalised HubSpot integrations to a number of clients. Following this, we’ll continue to provide marketing strategy, online campaigns, creative content, social engagement and web development; all geared towards driving leads and boosting brand salience. 

Customers that are onboarding to the platform can look forward to increasing ROI from marketing activities, reduced time lost in inefficient workflows, customised reporting and tailored KPI tracking. This ensures that everyone from C-Suite to customer services will have their hands on the information they need - in real-time.

“We are thrilled to partner with Bozboz. We have had them on our radar for some time, and are hyped to welcome them into the HubSpot family and extend our offering to Bozboz’s customers.”

Emma McCarthy, Channel Account Manager, EMEA

What’s next?

We’ll be posting some exciting news as we start to roll out more HubSpot solutions. There’ll be advice on how to get started, free demonstrations, webinars and much more - so keep in touch. Until then, our client services team are on hand for any questions. Just email: [email protected].

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