Stitching Together Ethical Fashion and Supply Chain Transparency

A mock-up of the Lucy & Yak Website

Lucy & Yak


Web Development, Shopify, Custom App Development

Lucy & Yak is a resoundingly popular clothing brand with a bold style and an even bolder ethos. Designed in Britain and ethically crafted in India, the brand's commitment to fair wages and personal connections with their tailors has weaved a vibrant tapestry of sustainable practices in the fashion world. They are a shining example of a brand that not only values their garment workers but also presents them as respected individuals within their supply chain. Since launching in 2017, Lucy & Yak have dressed the fashion scene in vibrant threads of conscious consumerism.

The Challenge

Lucy & Yak approached us for development support to enhance their existing Shopify website. During several meetings, we discovered their shared values and passion for the bigger picture beyond financial success. We were thrilled to become their development partner, appreciating the privilege of working with such an amazing client committed to ethical practices.

The Approach

We began by conducting a technical audit and review of their Shopify Plus CMS to understand the fabric of the existing site better. After confirming the coding standards were compatible with our expertise, we proceeded with a discovery workshop. Working closely with Lucy & Yak's senior stakeholders, we identified key areas of focus and charted out a roadmap to achieve their goals.

With the roadmap as our pattern, we started tailoring impactful changes while considering future enhancements. We set up a shared project management board on Monday, which served as a collaborative tool for task organisation and communication between our team and Lucy & Yak's internal development team.

We are now over a year into our partnership, and together, we continue to accessorise their Shopify Plus website with new features, custom integrations, and bespoke applications, like adding sequins to a dress - one at a time, but oh, so impactful!

A screenshot of the Lucy and Yak search function

The Outcome

The extended features and custom integrations we’ve developed act as decorative embellishments on their Shopify Plus site, connecting with their audience who value ethical fashion. We are proud to be a part of Lucy & Yak's journey as they trailblaze through the ecommerce landscape, always staying true to their core values, and we continue to support them in their mission to redefine the fashion industry stitch by stitch.

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