Bozboz COVID-19 Planning - 16.3.2020

Decentralising our team

In recent weeks, following the escalation of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, we had been preparing to decentralise our team and build our remote working processes. In recent years our technical team has built our infrastructure around cloud-based systems, allowing us the ability to work fully remotely should the need arise. 

As a first step, we scheduled to test our operation by working together remotely on March 16th, 2020. This test ensured that we could operate efficiently and continue to maintain a high level of service as the situation evolves, whilst reducing the potential risk to our team and clients.

Despite the logistical challenges involved, we had a smooth transition to this new way of working. Our team are available through all normal communication channels throughout the day.  

We are encouraging our clients to work with us remotely via video link where practical and extending the use of remote working. Working remotely is now the official advice of the UK government, and we believe our early actions have allowed us to prepare to support our changing needs and help us have a positive impact in delaying the speed of transmission of the pandemic.  

COVID-19 is truly a challenge of unprecedented proportions. It represents a stark reminder that we live in a fragile connected global ecosystem.

Despite this, we are confident that we all have the resilience to transcend the challenges ahead and see this as an opportunity to support each other by working together over the coming months.


Simon Cooke
Managing Director