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Electric Hair


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Born in Brighton over a decade ago, Electric has grown to become the UK’s most exciting hairdressing brand. With salons across the country, Electric’s portfolio includes the Electric Studio, Education Acadamy and Professional product range. Their bespoke product line and education programmes are now available in over 8 countries.

The Challenge

Electric needed a tone of voice that was as consistent as their professional salon finish - we had our work cut out for us. But with an electrifying set of communications, we could ensure that this salon brand was a cut above the rest.

The Approach

We invited the Electric team to our office for a tone of voice workshop. Here we identified the brand’s character archetype, story and core values.

Speaking to key stakeholders we asked why the company was set up, what makes them unique and what they stood for. Together, we identified Electric as:


Electric’s a brand that operates with endless ambition; they’re constantly chasing that creative high. With that in mind, they identified as a mixture of The Explorer and The Creator archetype…

A family full of eccentrics, we create confidence. In our eyes, life is about expression.
The first cut; the smell of that jacket - do you remember the first time? We do. And we’ve been chasing that feeling ever since. We create spine-tingling products and experiences that make you feel like the real you. Join us on a pursuit of pleasure. We’re Electric - you’ll be electric too.

Electric is looking to help people capture the feeling of that first great cut. Because they’re on an endless pursuit of pleasure, their brand story is The Quest.



The Outcome

A set of electronic tone of voice guidelines that identified:

Electric’s core values
Their brand archetype and story
Copy formality, complexity, target audience and style
Guidance around active and passive voice
Sample content
Editing tips

Consequently, these communication guidelines can now be picked up and used by anybody writing for Electric. No matter the channel, this brand can now be recognised by its text alone.

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