Innovation Through Collaboration

1 December 2017

Looking for a collaboration as timeless as Paul McCartney and Kanye West?

Companies collaborate both internally and externally as a means to pool knowledge and broaden problem-solving abilities. 

Teams that collaborate internally enjoy increased productivity and satisfaction, while brands who join forces with competitors and innovators can engage with audiences on a far deeper level.

Competitor to collaborator

Some of the world’s biggest brands have teamed up despite competing in the same markets. Apple’s iPhone famously uses Samsung components, and Procter & Gamble’s work with Sederma led to the creation of Olay Regenerist, one of the world’s best-selling anti-aging products.

By joining forces, companies can find agile alternatives to researching new areas of product development, saving time and resource.

A study by MassChallenge showed that ‘86% of large organisations view innovation as crucial to their future’. By partnering with innovative startups, major companies reduce the risk of competing with innovative competitors further down the line, while startups gain access to cash, experience and resources.

Collaboration for good 

Collaboration goes beyond boosting business - by partnering with charities, not-for-profits and arts organisations, corporate brands can enact their values and make a difference. Consumers align themselves with brands that share their values and are reassured by charitable partnerships.

HSBC has close ties to charities such as WWF and Earthwatch and was the first major bank to become carbon-neutral. This not only demonstrates a trustworthy brand persona, but sparks a global dialogue on conservation.

Influencer Collaborations 

84% of marketers planned on working with influencers at the start of 2017.

Collaborating with influencers allows brands to showcase their products in a range of contexts while building trusted connections much earlier in the sale cycle. 

Audiences are far more likely to trust a brand when validated by a trusted source - in fact, 86% of the most-viewed beauty videos on YouTube were made by influencers compared to only 14% by beauty brands.

Client Communications

Clear and consistent communication is key to successful collaboration during the creative process. Clients can rest assured that we’re taking care of the details, yet still know their opinion is required and valued.

At Bozboz, we make sure we ask the right questions to learn business objectives and understand user behaviours before we start solving problems. We use products such as prototyping tool Invision, giving clients an opportunity to interact with designs and leave valuable feedback at every stage. 

Collaboration in the workplace

73% of respondents to a recent Raconteur survey agreed that their organization would be more successful if employees were able to work in more flexible and collaborative ways.

Internal collaboration generates buy-in from all team members, making them feel valued and heard, regardless of specialism or seniority. Not to mention that dialogue between teams has the potential to spark new ideas that no one team could have conceptualised alone.

In the longer term, collaboration across teams allows individuals to develop their skills in directions they may not have considered before, finding outlets for their unique working styles in new environments.

Collaboration - Bozboz style

We want to nurture lasting partnerships and produce successful, enjoyable experiences for our clients and team members - from frequent events in our gallery space to hands-on design and branding workshops.

Here are our top tips for positive collaboration in the workplace and beyond:

Be transparent

While we strive to exceed client expectations at every stage, not everything can go according to plan. We make sure our clients know about any delays or complications, as well as the causes behind them and what we can do to move forward.

Listen up

We make sure we get to the crux of a business, including its visions, successes and challenges, before we start work on a new project, allowing us to maintain a close conceptualisation across our working relationship.


We’re data-informed throughout our projects, and come to the table with valuable stats and insights as a first port of call. This allows us to make expert decisions on where clients can best focus time, energy and resource.

Cut out the middleman

We bring the designer or developer who’ll be working on your project to every meeting, so you can directly share your vision. From Zendesk, Invision and Trello to the good old telephone, our experts are only a chat away.

Encourage feedback

We like to present our designs in person to get real-time feedback on the user experience. Invision allows clients to click through page sequences from the very beginning, offering a first-hand experience at every stage, rather than waiting until development. The comment function also gives designers the ability to explain their decisions, indicate features that will come to life during build and encourage direct feedback.

Do you want to collaborate with a multi-award-winning team? Get in touch and see the difference for yourself.

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