The Brighter Side of 2020

21 December 2020

2020 has most certainly taught us the importance of being prepared for anything.

Wow. No-one saw that coming. Well maybe they did, if you read these crazy predictions from way back in 2017. 

2020 is almost over, thankfully. Like a lot of businesses, we made changes to where and how we work. This year has had a brighter side, one that has been highlighted in the new ways we’re communicating and coming together, even when social distancing keeps us apart. It's been a year of exciting innovation in many industries, illustrated by the speed and agility with which many businesses adapted to global and local change. Businesses embracing digital disruption are shining through in this new age of global disruption. Whatever's next, we're ready.

Here at Bozboz we came together (in living rooms and home offices) to work on projects that mattered this year. From nurturing dreams of traveling far and wide, transforming closed spaces into experiences online, to helping young people in crisis find help, we’ve blended creativity and compassion and poured it into everything we do.

These are just a selection of the wonderful clients we've worked with and the projects we’ve delivered in the year a new normal emerged. We’re looking forward to the future and we hope 2021 will be a brighter one for us all.

Refreshing the Best in Luxury UK Travel

The travel industry has taken some knocks this year. Despite this, travel brands have embraced innovation and we've seen some great campaigns in virtual travel. Even a pandemic can't keep them grounded for long - while travelling abroad became a game of chance, it was travel right at home in the UK that began to soar. Experiencing the beauty of the travel destinations on our doorsteps became the summer holiday of choice.

Hand Picked Hotels owns the finest selection of country houses and hotels in the UK and the Channel Islands, with 19 stylish residences and a reputation for unforgettable experiences. Their website is as expansive and beautiful as the grounds in which each country house resides, but its performance was slowing them down, and it was time for a little housekeeping.
Check in on how we did it.

Transforming the Exhibition Experience

Once upon a time, in the days of packed art exhibitions and shared experiences in small spaces, there was a gallery.

For 25 years, Art Republic has occupied its well known spot in Brighton’s Laines, and the gallery is renowned for its knowledge and specialism in original and modern art. When the time came for this institution to step out anew onto the digital stage as Enter Gallery, Bozboz was the choice for re-creating their gallery experience in an online space, where they can show and sell the incredible art that they're famous for curating. Their vision for the future is to bring art to the many, not the few, enthralling all with the magic of creativity by captivating audiences online and offline as they usher in the era of curiosity. Never has there been a time when going digital was more important than in 2020. Immerse yourself in the experience.

Supporting Space for Young People

Improving the way in which people connect to services in the digital space has been top of our agenda. 2020 has impacted young people in many ways - school closures, pressures on friendships and families through lockdowns, closure of essential walk-in services and first time financial strain through job losses. Young people are growing up in a world that has shifted immeasurably and supporting them means looking at user experience through their eyes.

YMCA Downslink works throughout Sussex helping young people aged 12 - 25 with issues such as housing, addiction, or family crisis, offering support and opportunities for gaining life skills for independent living. One of our key collaborations this year was the update and redesign of their vital information portal Where To Go For. Empowering charities like this with updated technology helps them to continue to change lives. See the changes for yourself.

Showcasing Brighton's Resilience

Brighton has fared well under the strain of the pandemic compared to many areas of the country. Encouraging the community to support local businesses is something we do full stop, pandemic or not! It’s especially important this year in the run up to the strangest Christmas in history (ok, maybe not quite as strange as these). We know that working from home has impacted our neighbours in the Laines - no morning coffees, afternoon coffees, team nights out - and the only browsing we’ve been allowed to do has stretched our fingers, not our legs.

So this Christmas, we teamed up with Visit Brighton to create a campaign that would showcase the faces and spaces that make Brighton the magical place that it is, all year round. 

All that's left now is our virtual Christmas party. We're heading to an online escape room... so with that, we bid you a very Merry Christmas, and we look forward to seeing you in 2021 (that's if we make it out of the room).

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