The Sundown 2016 Experience

10 October 2016

Is there anything we love more here at Bozboz than working closely with a brand throughout the duration of a project and being given the freedom to let our creative juices flow? No, there really isn’t.

We recently worked with Sundown Festival on their 2016 event. Having collaborated on this project for a few years now, this year has been the biggest for both them and us. With an extra stage added, it was our job to get the fans on board to support the growth of this already huge festival.

Originally setting out to sell tickets we also got involved in the planning process, engage with thousands of fans, run the Sundown app, entice attendees with competitions, meet the stars of the show and immerse ourselves in the festival throughout the whole of the event weekend. And those are just a few highlights.

Set up in a little office on site, the Bozboz team worked all weekend across different areas - collaborating with other creatives involved along the way.

Becoming a vital part of the planning process but away from the heart of the action for the majority of the campaign, witnessing the first load of punters arrive on site to collect their wristbands and set up their camping gear was the thrill we’d waited for all year.

"The energy was ecstatic, crowd was tremendous. Too much love for Sundown Festival!" - Chase and Status

get the party started

On Friday night we got our raving gear on, headed to the opening party to meet the fans, watch Danny Howard smash his set, capture footage for Sundown’s social media platforms and make everyone who didn’t get a ticket jealous. We danced the night away and woke up bright and early on Saturday for a full day of running around trying to reflect the day and atmosphere on social media as best we could as well as interview the acts and help out attendees with any issues they were having.

The day started with a tongue and cheek recreation of Danny Dyer and Mark Wright’s infamous feud earlier on in the year. With a couple of semi-convincing masks, a few extras to fill both parties crews and the most aggressive looking feather dusters you’ve ever seen - all the social media platforms got off to a brilliant start.

In the backstage area we got to interview Best Solo Male Unsigned Music Award Nominee, Mullally, and caught his acoustic set for BBC Norfolk Radio. We also hung out with Kano, Becky Hill and got a front row seat to witness Jaguar Skills blow the UKF tent away.

Although the dark rain clouds were persistent for most of the day, that didn’t stop anyone from having a good time. With music festivals what the weather does can be detrimental to the success of the event, but not Sundown.

The addition of the new third UKF stage was a huge success, and was packed all weekend. Every visit was welcomed by a large audience dancing, cheering and singing to their favourite artists.

Dizzee Rascal graced us with an extraordinary performance on the main stage the day, and after the Grime King wrapped up, the day ended with a bang through Jess Glynne and Chase and Status’ explosive sets.

two days down, one to go

We woke up ready to give it all we had for the final show day. The weather had improved a lot since the Saturday and the fans were thrilled at the sun’s appearance. The main stage opened with BB Diamond, and everyone in the audience feeling hungover from the day before perked up immediately.

We explored the festival and pulled attendees aside for vox pops. From seven year olds enjoying their first festival with mum and dad to 18 year olds having their last big blowout with school friends before heading off to university, we met them all! The Bozboz team spread across the Main Stage, Drum & Bass arena and Ministry of Sound tent and the backstage area. We had all our bases covered.

Later on in the day we went backstage to catch Fleur East and Krept and Konan’s sun setting performances, and shared this experience over all of Sundown’s live socials. Years and Years, one of the most anticipated acts of the weekend, went down spectacularly with the crowd. It had been evident on social media that a lot of fans were going to see them in particular, and that was clearly reflected in the crowd’s reaction as soon as they got on stage.

"By the time Jason Derulo got up on stage, the energy on site was explosive. The Bozboz team took their positions, confetti poured around the stage and the crowd gave it their all one last time. Jason’s climactic performance was an incredible way to end the weekend."

The campers went back to party at the campsite and day ticket holders found their way home. We carried on answering people’s questions and over posting memories from the past two days over social media.

We had an incredible time, and we’re pretty sure the artists enjoyed themselves too.

A huge thanks to Sundown, Universal, Ministry of Sound, UKF and Defected in The House.

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