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Why Choose Bozboz

In-House Expertise: Bozboz boasts a dedicated in-house team, ensuring high-quality, consistent work without the pitfalls of outsourcing to overseas developers.

Shopify Mastery: Years of being an accredited Shopify Partner have made us experts at maximising its potential.

Seamless Migration Services: We help to migrate businesses from platforms like Magento and Squarespace to Shopify.

Versatile Solutions: Whether you need a fully bespoke store or simple theme adaptation, our services cater to a range of budgets.

Custom App Development: Our full-stack developers build custom apps and tools for Shopify, perfect for when out-of-the-box solutions don't meet your specific needs.

Advanced Integration Capabilities: We're experienced in integrating Shopify with leading marketing software and social selling platforms.

Proven Impact on Revenue: Our custom apps and solutions have a track record of saving thousands of pounds in revenue for our clients, demonstrating real, tangible results.

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Bespoke Shopify Development

Promoting your brand

  • Launching New Business on Shopify - Bozboz excels in building high converting, fully responsive Shopify stores, ensuring your new brand launches with a bang. We offer innovative design, in-house development, and a keen understanding of all things digital to help you bring your brand to market. 
  • Getting the Most From Shopify - For those already in the Shopify platform but looking to extract more value, we are here to help. Our development support extends to adding new features and bespoke functionality, aligning with your evolving business needs and enhancing your online presence.
  • Migrating to a Robust Platform: If your business currently operates on outdated technology, you're likely seeking a more robust and scalable ecosystem. We understand this transition's intricacies and are here to ensure a seamless migration to Shopify, providing a solid foundation for growth and scalability
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Case studies

"The team at BozBoz are friendly and helpful, taking all the stress out of the whole process. They really took the time to understand our brief and work with our budget - We are super happy with both the design and function of the site. Will definitely come back for future projects!"

Tori – Product Manager

Sell More With Shopify

Our collaborative Shopify design and development process engages you at every stage. We work side-by-side with you, ensuring that your new online store meets your expectations, budget, and deadlines.

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