Redefining Vintage Glamour in the Luxury Fashion Industry

Scarlett Gasque


Web Development, Shopify

Scarlett Gasque is a start-up luxury fashion brand that draws inspiration from the vintage glamour of the 1940s and 50s. With a mission to reintroduce traditional lingerie styles to the mainstream, Scarlett Gasque combines elements of provocative burlesque with a modern vision. The brand exudes glamour, sensuality, and a touch of wit; it’s for those seeking daring, carnal, and coy fashion. Celebrating diversity and encouraging customers to embrace their authentic selves, Scarlett Gasque proudly offers a range of styles and forms for all individuals.

The Challenge

Scarlett Gasque partnered with Hysculpt - a luxury design house specialising in product development consultancy, branding, product design, marketing and PR. Following months of meticulous product development and strategic planning, Hysculpt designed a striking new website that captured the essence of Scarlett Gasque’s brand. But they needed a technical solution that mirrored the high standards set by Hysculpt and sought technical assistance from Bozboz to build a new Shopify ecommerce platform. The project had strict time constraints, aligning with the announcement of Scarlett Gasque's first collection and a highly anticipated launch party at the world-famous Claridge's in London.

The Approach

Collaborating closely with Scarlett Gasque and Hysculpt, we began by customising a pre-existing Shopify theme to reflect the aspirational designs created by Hysculpt. This involved aligning the technical implementation with the visual aesthetics, ensuring a seamless and captivating user experience. To meet specific requirements, we integrated with 3rd party logistics providers for inventory management and direct order processing.

Video integration was an essential aspect of the project, allowing for impactful storytelling from the moment users landed on the website. By extending the theme, we incorporated bespoke design elements such as new breadcrumb navigation, general styling updates in line with Scarlett Gasque's branding, an image gallery, and size guides.

Furthermore, we integrated HubSpot CRM for efficient data collection and future marketing endeavours. Instagram integration was implemented to enhance brand visibility and engagement. Upsell and cross-sell capabilities were configured through 3rd party apps, maximising conversion opportunities for Scarlett Gasque.

The Outcome

The project proved successful in meeting the launch party deadline, delivering a visually stunning ecommerce platform closely integrated with the logistics provider's systems. Thanks to the great design work from Hysculpt, the new website captured the essence of Scarlett Gasque's brand, captivating visitors and enticing them into the magical world of vintage glamour.

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