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Mindtools is the compass guiding professionals through the labyrinth of career development. Known as the Mind Tools Club, this online learning hub is a treasure chest full of resources dedicated to personal and professional growth. With a model as flexible as a subscription, Mindtools commits to unlocking the doors of potential and setting individuals on the path to career success.

The Challenge

Mindtools had two distinct digital territories to navigate: a marketing site crafted by Bozboz and the Nova platform, a dynamic resource management tool developed by a third-party. The challenge was to build a bridge between these platforms that users could traverse seamlessly, ensuring a consistent and intuitive experience. The marketing site needed to be an accessible landscape for the Mindtools team, allowing them to update content in sync with campaigns and offers. Adjusting prices and currencies based on user locations, and ensuring login and membership data was in harmony between the marketing site and the Nova platform, was critical.

The Approach

This expedition demanded careful planning and accurate execution. We pitched our basecamp on WordPress for the marketing site, creating a user-friendly platform for the Mindtools team. With the help of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), we engineered flexible component blocks, giving the team greater control over their content terrain. We set up a comprehensive hosting and domain infrastructure, ensuring both the marketing site and the Nova platform fell under the domain. By incorporating Nova platform content into the marketing site's navigation, we crafted a consistent visual journey for the user. Deploying geolocation and cookies, we tailored pricing, currencies, and navigation options to the user's individual journey.

The Outcome

Our partnership with Mindtools enables individuals to scale new heights in their careers through the Mind Tools Club. The seamless blend of the Nova platform and the WordPress marketing site delivers a rich and accessible learning landscape for members. With integrated content, personalised user experiences, and consistent login and membership data, Mindtools continues to be an essential compass for those navigating the course of professional development.

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