140 Solutions

The Bozboz Gallery are proud to host a cutting-edge exhibition titled 140 Solutions, compiled of artworks by the University of Brighton’s finest graphic design and illustration students.

A thought-provoking creative response highlighting small-scale and global crises, the exhibition features issues such as gun violence, voting, plastic pollution, fast fashion and gender discrimination.

The mixed media exhibition features limited edition prints, handmade posters, books, apparel and moving images, showcasing the wide variety of ways creativity can be expressed. 

Intended to inspire and evoke change, the exhibition touches on subjects that are often marginalised in the mainstream media. Mike Hollingbery, founder of Bozboz said:

“It’s clear to see the talent and passion shining through in this exhibition, with many of the causes highlighted being close to our own hearts. Brighton uni has a great reputation, and as a former student i’m really happy to be able to provide a platform for the next generation of creative visionaries to express themselves freely.”


For any enquiries please contact [email protected] or call 01273 727581.