Gresham Blake, Dan Baldwin & Mike Hollingbery

12 February 2016

The more observant among you may have noticed the fine tailoring CEO Mike Hollingbery wore at the launch of The Creative Space in our recent Lock Up exhibition video.

The more familiar among you will know that Mike wearing a suit is rarer than unicorn tears.

The cause of this phenomenon is the work of two creative geniuses, though some may say three...

Mike approached tailor and aforementioned creative genius Gresham Blake, whose atelier and shop are based in Brighton’s Bond Street, to create him a suit that he would be able to wear as faithfully as his favourite trainers. 

The fateful meeting of these masters of code and cloth was to bring about an entirely exclusive collaboration. As Mike was measured for his suit, he put Gresham in contact with Dan Baldwin, one of the UK’s leading modern artists, and second creative genius.

Never missing a creative opportunity, Mike's introduction resulted in Dan Baldwin providing a digitally printed silk of his work ‘Rejection from a fool is cruel’, which Gresham used to create a bespoke lining in a relaxed denim suit that perfectly suits Mike’s suit apathy.

Two great works of art stitched together in a ‘truly original fusion which would be as at home in an art gallery as hanging in a closet’.

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