Bozboz’s Top Tips for Brighton SEO

6 April 2017

As a creative digital agency based in Brighton, the day-long Brighton SEO conference feels like Christmas come early - not to mention twice yearly.

While the event started as a casual pub meetup, allowing local SEO experts to discuss the cutting edge of the industry, it has since grown into a successful biannual event, attended by digital workers from across the UK and beyond.

With thousands of free conference tickets available to digital professionals, intimate workshops for training ticket holders, and some legendary after parties, Brighton SEO makes digital social, providing a platform for developing skills and exchanging ideas.

We’re excited to be not only attending this April’s event, but representing as well, with head of content Sophie Turton taking the floor and explaining the psychology of language for PPC to hundreds of digital thinkers.

We can’t wait to top up our SEO know-how and share our ideas with fellow experts across the country. Here our some of our highlights for April 7.

PPC - Sophie Turton

Psychology of Language for PPC

If you’re ready to dig a little deeper into how language impacts audiences, our own Sophie Turton will talk you through the psychology behind creating impactful language for PPC adverts. Rather than sticking to the same tired formula, Sophie will teach you to break away from the generic, instead tapping into the theory of what makes people click.

As our head of content, Sophie is ideally placed to discuss PPC in the wider scope of content strategy and brand development. She’s worked on award-winning campaigns for clients as diverse as local estate agents and international airlines, and is looking forward to sharing what she's learned.

Content - Graham Mcfayden

Content Strategies for Digital Audience Growth

Described as a guide to ‘defragging the online user experience’, Graham’s talk on content strategies covers how to make your domain the home of what customers will be searching for. This includes a move away from short-term campaigns, instead working on longer-term brand and trust building.

It will be particularly interesting to hear about Graham’s own experience in content-driven growth, as his most recent project is growing online audiences at the British Library. Turning this renowned source of knowledge - and indeed of fascinating content - into an accessible digital experience has not only modernised that ancient concept of the library, but also proven just what a cultural cornerstone online content can be.

SEO - Greg Gifford

Advanced Local SEO Tips That Will Help You Murder Your Competitors

The importance of Local SEO has become more concrete over the last year, with Google Pigeon having gone from strength to strength since its inception in 2014. However, as DealerOn Director of Search Greg Gifford will tell us, it’s become a matter of far more than your company’s name and address. From on-site optimization to securing positive reviews, we’re excited to hear more about next steps in improving local ranking.

With 16 years experience in online marketing and a focus on the automotive industry, Greg is ideally placed to discuss taking big ideas and making them local. Greg will also be expanding on his tips in an advanced local SEO training course on Thursday 6th.

Social - Samantha Hearn

How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Adwords Campaigns

Social Media is an undeniably important tool for any company, reaching out to audiences on their home turf. Anicca Digital’s Samantha Hearn will show us one more way in which the power of social can be leveraged: to boost Adwords campaigns.

Termed ‘honeypot marketing’, this method uses the highly-targeted nature of social media to maximise the effect of Adwords. Samantha will offer a step-by-step guide to setting up a honeypot campaign, referring to her global brand experience with FTSE 100 businesses and start up companies alike.

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