The Benefits of Working with a Google Partner Agency

14 May 2020

We’d like to tell you about the Google Partner programme and how we use it to enhance our paid media work.

With client work, we’re constantly faced by new challenges that require us to be at the top of our game. The Google Partner programme, to us, is a set of tools and services that let us deliver cutting-edge advertising on behalf of our clients.

And here’s a quick run-through of how we use the programme to do just that.

Our specialists are certified

Every paid media specialist at Bozboz is already an experienced specialist in their own right. But when the time comes to hone our skills, we turn to Google’s Skillshop and the Google Ad certifications within it. Importantly, every paid media team member repeats their exams at least every 18 months to keep their knowledge current.

Having members of our team pass the exams for Search, Display, Video, and Shopping are requirements for achieving Partner status and having specialisations connected to it. So, just by having Partner status with Google, you know you’re in safe hands with Bozboz.

Strategy straight from Google

Partner status also means we get frequent check-ins with Google Ad account managers. Plus, whenever we need it we can request additional support from these teams for new accounts. This gives us extra confidence when onboarding new clients with new ad requirements, or if we just want to access Google’s industry data for market research and media planning.

Swift resolutions

That same account manager access means quick responses to emails and phone calls when accounts need it. If an ad gets rejected because of an automated rule, or a display banner takes too long to be approved, we can resolve the problem quicker than most.

Changing ad environment and opportunities

The Google Ad ecosystem is always changing. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a slew of new features. New ad formats have appeared like responsive search ads and AMPHTML ads that deliver fast-loading, lightweight ads to any screen size and device.

Google has massively improved its optimisation tips, allowing us to quickly change aspects of an account like keyword lists, bid types and more when the market environment changes. As well as the amazing intent-targeting options that let our clients get ads to people who’ve never heard of them but show a strong affinity for their products and services.

No matter the size of your initial budget

Google Partner status is available to agencies who pass Google’s exams and have at least $10,000 ad spend per month. In 2021 this is going to increase to $20,000. 

But for a medium enterprise, this could be prohibitive. 

Rest assured, Bozboz’s agency ad account manages budgets above that threshold. So any new account we help set up can get Partner support even if it doesn’t initially spend that much. It’s then our objective to work with you to increase your ad spend whilst seeing a healthy return on investment.

Time for something new

As businesses across the world feel the pressure to get more of their products and services online and our screen times are at an all-time high, many are turning to Google advertising.

Interested to learn more? Get in touch, we’re ready to help.

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