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Epaderm isn't just a skincare brand; it's a beacon of relief for those struggling with dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis. Born in the labs and endorsed by doctors, Epaderm grew from a prescription-only brand into an accessible and reliable solution available at mass market retailers.

The Challenge

Epaderm presented us with an exciting challenge: to go beyond the typical Shopify eCommerce site and create a community space that's empathetic, reassuring, and science-backed. They envisioned a place filled with real user stories, genuine reviews, and heart-touching testimonials that would illuminate the benefits of their product range, whilst celebrating diversity and inclusion

The Approach

Equipped with Epaderm's mission and our keen understanding of the customer journey, we started building on the Shopify platform. We employed third-party plugins like YotPo and Bold Commerce to integrate reviews, subscriptions, and discounts. Our design and development teams then proceeded to create an immersive experience that combines empathy and guidance throughout the site. The highly tuned search feature powered by Algolia expands on Shopify’s native search to hold users' hands, as they journey to content that best meets their needs. 

The Unexpected Twist:
Like any good story, an unexpected turn of events brought a new direction to the project. Midway through, Epaderm made a strategic decision to pivot from direct sales, choosing instead to guide users to 3rd party retailer websites to purchase. 

The Strategy Shift:
The eCommerce functionality was put aside, and we welcomed a new tool into our toolbox - Adimo. Known for its handy "where to buy" and "buy now" features, Adimo enabled users to choose their preferred retailer and redirected them to the corresponding product page to complete their purchase. This change hopes to provide a trove of valuable data on user shopping habits and preferences, empowering Epaderm with critical insights for future commerce strategies.

The Outcome

The pivot was a resounding success. Epaderm's new Shopify website has all the tools to become a vibrant community hub. The new site provides resources, shares relatable stories, and guides users to reliable products, making Epaderm a natural choice for those on a journey towards healthier skin.

Working with Epaderm is an absolute pleasure. They brought to the table collaboration, clear communication, and thoughtful inputs that enriched the project. We're thrilled to continue this partnership, supporting their digital endeavours, and watching the Epaderm community thrive.

“Working with BozBoz is like an extension of an in-house digital team – they just get you and your brand! From the Project Definition Document, which clearly outlined the objective for the new website, functionality and key milestones, to the execution and launch support, I would highly recommend BozBoz. The technical and creative team transformed our basic information brand website into a community hub for product information, case studies and FAQs. The in-house expertise also allowed for the seamless integration of a shoppable marketing automation solution, allowing a non-transactional website to show a ROI on sales, without needing to send a box!”

Louise Ball – Product Manager
Epaderm (Molnlycke Healthcare)

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