Treat Yo’Self: The Self-Care Generation

“Self-care” is one of the great millennial buzzwords - our Head of Talent and Innovation, Holly Fisher, explains how we’re making the term our own.

More millennials commit to personal improvement than any previous generation, spending twice as much as their parents on working out, health food and wellbeing apps.

Our hyper-awareness of all things healthy has a lot to do with social media. After scrolling through Instagram snaps of dairy-free indulgence, effortless yoga poses and designer activewear, however, self-care can start to feel competitive.

We believe there’s a simpler, more authentic way to live well: by taking some time to check in with yourself and doing what makes you feel good.

Workplace wellness



50-60 percent of working days lost annually are due to stress. Our working life has a serious wellness deficit, and it’s a balance we desperately need to redress.

Fortunately, workplace wellness is becoming an industry in its own right, with major companies investing in everything from massages to mini golf to combat stress. But how can independent businesses show the same dedication to mental and physical health? We think it’s got a lot to do with listening to what our teammates actually need.

Rather than perpetuating a one-size-fits-all idea of treating yourself, we’re on a mission to make self-care inclusive. With a focus on variety and community, we’re collaborating with like-minded local businesses to offer tasters, treatments and a lot of fun.




We're all about treating yourself, but it’s hard to feel your best when you’re grazing on processed food. We teamed up with Ed from sustainable mobile farm shop The Sussex Peasant to spread some seasonal goodness with a crate of farm-fresh fruit. As The Sussex Peasant's Facebook page says,

A balanced diet of fresh seasonal local produce harvested the day before, well farmed meats, local dairy, fresh local fish, and stone milled breads is very good for you. We try to ignore all the other nonsense in so-called health magazines.




The word mindfulness may conjure up images of serene yogis, but punk rockers Gerard and Jon from the Brighton Mindfulness Centre paint a far more inclusive picture of a simple practice with serious benefits for physical and mental health.

Taking cues from Gerard and Jon’s guided breathing exercises and sensory meditations, we’ve been gathering for a short mindfulness exercise each morning. Victoria, our Digital Marketing Account Executive, found the routine enlightening:

I've really enjoyed the scheduled meditation breaks, as they’ve demonstrated that mindfulness isn't the chore I once believed it to be.




It’s no news that sitting at a desk all day is bad for our physical health. As well as encouraging our team to take meetings outside, we’ve been showing our bodies some love with a range of treatments from accessible wellness network About Balance.

The team had the chance to sign up for a massage or chiropractic consultation from About Balance’s experts, addressing any physical aches and pains that might be throwing us off our creative game. Technical Analyst Tim found his session particularly insightful:

 It was good to have my posture appraised by someone with a deep understanding of how bones and muscles interact. I ended up learning a lot about how a simple issue in one area can end up affecting another, even on opposite sides of the body.




Our after-work yoga class from About Balance took mindfulness to the next level, combining strength, balance and flexibility to provide a rewarding stretch for mind and body. Our PR and Outreach Specialist Grace enjoyed the chance to try something new:

As someone who's never really done yoga before, I was quite nervous. Doing it at the office with work pals made it feel super inclusive, and our teacher was really encouraging.

While yoga works wonders for some, there are many ways to unwind. Our Treat Yo'Self Week meant taking time to ask ourselves, “what do I need right now?” - and if the answer was “cake”, to enjoy every bite of it!

We rounded off the week with a sweet treat in the form of our weekly Bozboz Bake Off. Alongside our ongoing lunchtime X-Box tournament, the baking contest is proof that a little friendly competition - and a tasty treat - can be a perfect pick-me-up.

Wellness culture



When we talk about wellness, we’re not just adding ‘perks and benefits’ to our job ads. We’re doing it because we genuinely care about creating a positive, balanced environment that goes beyond the buzzword and makes a genuine difference.