Crafting a Custom Online Art Marketplace for Artists and Collectors


Web Design, Web Development, Shopify, Brand Design, Tone of Voice is a unique startup in the art world, the brainchild of art specialists Gormleys and Strange Tracey. With a canvas full of experience running galleries and hosting international art fairs, they envisioned an online art marketplace that would resonate with both serious contemporary art collectors and those just dipping their brushes into the art-buying scene.

The Challenge had a picture-perfect aim - a blend of self-management for artists and curated assistance from the Masterpiece team. They required a digital platform that could grow gracefully while upholding high standards for art and service. As a fresh startup, they needed a splash of colour in their branding and the creation of brand guidelines for a cohesive visual identity. Furthermore, they wanted to delve into the intricacies of user search behaviours through SEO keyword research to guide their future content decisions.

The Approach

Understanding's distinct needs, we set to work sketching out brand guidelines, breathing life into their logo, fonts, colours, typography, and palette. This framework formed a vibrant visual identity that embodied their vision and appealed to their audience.

Conducting thorough SEO keyword research was like uncovering hidden colours on a palette. We dug into the search behaviours of art marketplace users, not only revealing popular words and key phrases but also exploring the search intent of users. With this insight, we were able to craft content that would strike the right chord with our audience.

To create their online art marketplace, we initially chose Shopify. However, as our discovery process unfolded, it was clear that a suitable app to match Masterpiece's specific needs was missing from the Shopify store. Unfazed, we took to our tools and crafted a custom marketplace app using Laravel. This app, once integrated with Shopify, expanded upon the platform's inherent functionality and catered to the unique needs of Masterpiece's artists..





The Outcome

The final piece was a website that empowered artists with the tools to register and sell their art through An approval process ensured quality control, letting Masterpiece handpick artists and maintain a curated collection. This also enabled Masterpiece to directly sell selected artworks, featuring renowned artists like Banksy, Damien Hirst, and more.

Today, stands as a robust online art marketplace, skilfully bridging the gap between artists and collectors. Artists have a dynamic platform to display and sell their artwork, while collectors enjoy a carefully curated selection of high-quality contemporary art pieces. This unique blend of creativity and technology makes a true gallery in the cloud.

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