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Part of the British Olympics Association, Team GB represent our nation with amazing feats of strength, endurance and athleticism. Standing on the biggest global stage imaginable, they’re an inspiration for millions.

The Challenge

Now, we’re no Olympians - but we do like a challenge. Alongside our teammates Limelight Sports, we were asked to develop an enticing destination website for I Am Team GB.

Inspired by the Olympics, I Am Team GB is a national campaign that’s designed to make Britain more active. I Am Team GB was looking for Games Makers - community members and local heroes - who could organise events. These events would take place at The Nation’s Biggest Sports Day on August 24th 2019.

‘The Nation’s Biggest Sports Day’ is for everyone. With that in mind, this website had to be universally appealing for people with a range of experiences, abilities and disabilities. It’s a place for stories, tips and support but, above all else, it had to encourage and inspire people to get active. How could we get more people to register? And who would carry that Olympic torch for the dev team? UX - that’s who.

Our Approach

Our gold medal approach was delivered in two stages:
Phase 1 encouraged Games Makers to sign up for the event weekend and create their games.
Phase 2 opened the site up to Games Players as well. It allowed them to participate in the event weekend by joining a local game. Implementing local search was key here, e.g. “find me games within 5 miles of x”.

We designed and developed an eye-catching and innovative website where Games Makers could easily create events in their local community. We ensured the site had a seamless user journey, encouraging Games Players - sporting participants - to sign up and create their own activities. As part of the project, we also provided data capture and event weekend reporting.

The Outcome

I Am Team GB connected over 2000 Games Makers with participants to participate in nearly 500 games; 200 more games than the campaign’s target.

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