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WaterBear is a well-respected Music College, providing music maestros with BA (Hons) degrees and master's courses, designed with modern musicians, artists, and industry professionals in mind. Committed to intimate class sizes, flexible course delivery, personalised mentoring, and exclusive work experience opportunities, WaterBear is a powerful note in the symphony of music education. Located in the music-loving cities of Brighton and Sheffield, WaterBear also offers a variety of online distance learning courses for the tech-savvy artist.

The Challenge

WaterBear initially sought our expertise for paid ads support to drive more leads and conversions for their courses. However, their website was hitting a few flat notes when it came to conversion optimization. Updating the website within their existing CMS was becoming a big challenge, impeding their ability to create landing pages, update courses, publish blogs, and spotlight their new campuses and facilities. They wanted a website that played a harmonious tune with user experience and offered them more control over their daily operations, boosting their ad quality scores, marketing efforts, and lead generation.

The Approach

We kicked off this project with an in-depth discovery process, ensuring we understood all the highs and lows of the project's functional and non-functional requirements. This stage included a deep understanding of the business objectives, defining the target audience, orchestrating user journeys, outlining essential functionality, determining testing and quality assurance needs, and identifying browser testing requirements.

Post-discovery, we moved into composing wireframes and full-render designs that harmonised with the project brief. We collaborated closely with the WaterBear team, incorporating their invaluable feedback to create a user-focused design that resonated with the target audience.

Once the designs hit the right note, we dove into the development phase. We built the front-end and set the stage with a WordPress CMS, focusing on usability and conversion optimization to ensure the website provided a seamless and engaging encore for users. Using WordPress, we provided WaterBear with the flexibility they craved, enabling them to effortlessly orchestrate landing pages, update course info, publish blogs, and spotlight their new campuses and facilities.





The Outcome

The finale of our partnership with WaterBear was a high-performing WordPress website, merging usability with conversion optimisation. The refreshed design hits the perfect pitch with the target audience, encouraging more engagement and connection. Now, with enhanced control over their daily operations, the WaterBear team can adjust the website's tempo to keep in step with the ever-changing rhythm of the further education sector.

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