Britain's bravest, most incisive
political interviewer

Jeremy Paxman


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Jeremy Paxman is virtually a British institution - so when we heard that he was going to create his first website, it was a challenge we could not turn down.

With a career spanning 40 years, as a television celebrity, author and writer there was more than enough to work with.

The challenge was honing in on what made Jeremy tick, and creating an online persona that not only reflected his great achievements but presented him in a fresh and unique light.

"I can’t recall which clown it was who told me I ought to replace my perfectly serviceable sandwich board with a website. But Bozboz did the business. At least, I think they did. They are certainly a delight to deal with, though what exactly they do, I’m not sure."

Jeremy Paxman

Our Approach

Jeremy was keen to move away from the stereotypical sycophantic style of many celebrity websites.

Our creative team re-imagined brand Paxman for a digital audience, creating custom illustration for the site and acting as unofficial biographers - cementing his position in our minds as an irreverent counter culture hero.

The Outcome

Rarely do we have the opportunity to exercise such creativity in a project, or have such great content to work with. Jeremy gave us a lot of freedom to interpret the brief and it has been a huge honour to launch him kicking and screaming into the internet age.

This site is a mixture of great design, subtle transitions and hand picked content - a hybrid of Bozboz’s and Paxman's unique minds.

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