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Launched in 1993, Cartoon Network is a 24-hour British children’s television channel. In 2015, they launched the Cartoon Network Anything app which featured short-form content like mini-games and video-clips.

Our Approach

Without compromising the branding, Bozboz designed around function and accessibility. Students and staff became the top priority in the navigation, giving them easier access to vital resources. To help staff market more efficiently we added tracking to prospectus downloads.

In 2017, Cartoon Network took this one step further with the Gumball VIP mobile app. The innovative technology used sound recognition technology to detect episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball.

At various points, the app quizzed viewers with episode trivia. If the viewer got the answer right, they were awarded stars that could be exchanged for trophies. Trophies unlocked digital prizes and a chance to enter into the Gumball VIP competition. Cartoon Network needed three digital rewards for their competition winners. These would come in the form of interactive games.

And that’s where we stepped in.

Our Approach

We designed and developed three interactive games that could be unlocked through a microsite and accessed via an app. We approached this project in three phases: design, build and test.

With the demographics of 6-11 year olds in mind, our creative team designed three concepts that were age-appropriate, whilst embodying the spirit of The Amazing World of Gumball. Our UX designers and developers worked together to create games that not only met the spec but offered players an experience that would keep them coming back again and again.

Our Results

Available in 9 different languages, we delivered three immersive videogames, playable on a range of desktop and mobile devices:

1. Create your own character - customise one of the show’s iconic characters: Richard, Gumball and Anais.
2. Sound Board - nine icons play memorable lines and effects from the show.
3. Dash ‘n’ Dodge - an action-packed sprint through the colourful world of Gumball.

The campaign was a huge success. 300,000 correct answers triggered 90,000 visits to the microsite (with 80% return visits). Consequently, 23,000 apps were downloaded with 29,951 prize codes redeemed.

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