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When it comes to cooking, students have the most unfair reputation. Food means cereal bars, kebabs and Pot Noodles. VeeTee wanted to change that with a campaign that challenged preconceptions about students diets, sharing new ways for students to eat healthily.

Our Approach

Bozboz identified three key influencers who create content about university life, with a specific focus on food. Working with both micro and macro influencers, Bozboz challenged them to create a healthy, tasty, cost-effective dish that any student could recreate at home. It needed to be appetising and highlight how easy, quick and tasty meals with VeeTee rice are. Enough so that the student audience wouldn’t even consider having a takeaway over this dish! After posting them VeeTee rice pots to use in their content, the influencers created vlogs and blogs to show off their delicious dinners.

The Results

- 8.24% increase in referral traffic
- 1 in 3 Referral visits came back later via another channel
- For Organic this was a 53.85% increase
- For Social this was a 166.67% increase
- 57k YouTube views
- 211 comments across the influencers’ posts
- Relationships built with 4 influencers who wish to continue working with the brand - and eating the rice!

This kind of work primarily serves to provide an instant boost in referral traffic. That traffic tends to be high impact too because of the endorsement of the influencer, the traffic comes to the site with a degree of trust already established. It also has a long-lasting secondary impact, the external links from the influencer sites provide authority flow in Google’s eyes and the links cumulatively add to the sites SEO backlink profile. Over time and repeated influencer campaigns this means higher ranks and more traffic.

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