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The Rhodes piano, a timeless musical treasure, has enthralled passionate musicians for over half a century. From Jimi Hendrix to the melodies of Miles Davis, The Beatles, and Stevie Wonder, the Rhodes piano remains an integral part of musical identity. While legends have embraced its unmistakable tone, few are aware that the Rhodes brand had been dormant since the 2000s. But now, with a desire to bring the legend back to life, Rhodes embarked on a mission to resurrect their iconic instrument for the 21st century.

The Challenge

Rhodes approached us with an ambitious vision: to remaster their legendary brand and develop a comprehensive strategy that would captivate musicians and reignite the world's love for Rhodes. Their aim was not just to create beautiful music, but also to embody a deep respect for the instrument's heritage and the talented craftsmen behind it. 

Our Approach

When tasked with not only rejuvenating this iconic brand but also setting the stage for its digital future, we were truly excited. With an undertaking of this magnitude, our approach needed to be diligently planned - covering brand strategy, design, and web development. We employed a multi-layered approach to remaster a legend.

Stage 1: Brand Strategy

Market Intelligence

We conducted an exhaustive study of Rhodes' target market to map out challenges, perceptions, and competitive dynamics. This gave us a nuanced understanding of how Rhodes had to position itself in the modern age without forsaking its rich legacy.

Brand Audit and SWOT Analysis

By auditing existing brand assets and conducting a SWOT analysis, we were able to preserve the iconic elements that define Rhodes while infusing modern dynamism.

Customer Personas and Positioning

Through interactive workshops, we identified Rhodes' key customer personas. Their pains, gains, and habits were translated into actionable strategies, allowing us to craft a brand proposition that resonates deeply with the target audience.

Stage 2: Brand Design

Brand Archetype and Story

Harnessing Carl Jung's archetypes, we pinpointed Rhodes' core identity, which later informed our branding decisions. The awe-inspiring legacy of Rhodes, from its World War II origins to its modern-day allure, was meticulously documented to craft a compelling brand story.

Visual Identity

Our team carefully modernized the original logo, selected a complementary font, and established a color palette. These elements collectively embody the Rhodes brand in a way that both respects its history and embraces its future.

Stage 3: Building a Bespoke Website

Discovery and UX Wireframing

As we moved into the website phase, a series of workshops and interviews helped us outline the functional and design requirements for Rhodes' new website. Wireframing was crucial at this stage to map out the user journey.

Hi-Fidelity Designs

From visual mockups to real-world page layouts, we meticulously designed every aspect of the site, ensuring that Rhodes' rich history and product offerings were showcased seamlessly. Before laying down the first line of code, we created an interactive prototype of the site, to give Rhodes the opportunity to see and approve the actual look of their website before it took shape.


One of the standout features of the new Rhodes website was the innovative piano customiser. This highly interactive tool allows users to virtually design their own Rhodes piano, choosing from various colour options for multiple components including the shell, legs and panels. With dynamic image angles that enable users see their configuration from the front, side and rear, the customiser provides a tailored experience that mirrors the bespoke craftsmanship of a Rhodes piano.

We also implemented dynamic country-specific pricing algorithms to cater to a global audience, taking into account local taxes, shipping, and import duties. This enhanced usability and conversion rates by offering transparent, accurate pricing.

Before the website went live, it underwent a rigorous Quality Assurance process that scrutinized every element for optimum performance. The focus was not just on looks but on flawless functionality across a multitude of platforms.





The Outcome

Our collaboration with Rhodes harmoniously blended their rich history with a visionary future.

While the launch of the Rhodes website was a milestone, it was just the starting note in an enduring digital partnership. Rhodes, an innovator in their field, regularly conceives new offerings and initiatives, and we support them to bring these visions to life. Over the years, we've continued to provide web development, maintenance, and strategic guidance.

When Rhodes recently launched their game changing V8 virtual instrument, we worked with their software partners to integrate serial number authentication and virtual sales into their backend system. The same went for the addition of a merchandise and spares section, a significant expansion that gives even more access to the Rhodes product range. 

Beyond mere implementation, we work hand-in-hand with Rhodes to continually refine and evolve their digital presence. Leveraging our expertise in SEO, UX, and technology, we provide actionable insights that help Rhodes stay at the forefront of the industry. Our relationship has made the Rhodes website a dynamic platform that not only serves the current generation of musicians but is poised to inspire and equip future artists for years to come.

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