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Indra is a visionary in the field of Electric Vehicle (EV) technology, sparking into life in 2013 with a mission to reinvent how EVs are powered. Hailing from Malvern, UK, Indra’s heartbeat is its dedicated R&D, design, engineering, and manufacturing operations. They stand at the vanguard of the country’s EV and smart energy revolution.

The Challenge

Our mission was to bring the designs provided by Make Good Design to life, creating a user-friendly website that resonated with both B2B and consumer audiences. It was crucial for the Bozboz team to interpret the designs in a way that was technically feasible and true to the creative vision.

The designs were ambitious and included a number of intricate features that required a significant amount of technical refinement during build. The website needed to not only reflect Indra’s innovative energy solutions but also integrate with their cloud infrastructure, support sales enquiries, facilitate installation bookings, and provide post-sales information. This was a task of significant complexity, and it was compounded by the need for an optimal user experience and an effective customer journey through the site.

The Approach

We tackled this challenge by constructing the site on WordPress and using Gutenberg components. This gave the dynamic Indra marketing team a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), enabling them to build new pages without needing developer support. We also implemented multiple Custom Post Types in WordPress for different content types, intending to create the clearest and simplest CMS possible for the Indra team.

Throughout this process, we maintained open communication lines with both the client and designers. We also collaborated closely with Sustainable Results Lab, who helped shape the content hierarchy and information flow, guiding users effectively to crucial conversion points.

Our toolkit for this project included WordPress and Oxygen for Gutenberg components, Figma for communication with the designers, and for project management. These tools were instrumental in bridging the design, content and development teams.

The Outcome

Indra continues to partner with us, maintaining a managed retainer and commissioning additional mini-projects. This enduring relationship underscores our approach's value and demonstrates how working with talented agencies like Make Good Design and Sustainable Results Lab has enhanced Indra’s presence in the smart energy sector. The collaborative success with Indra stands as a testament to the importance of technical expertise, innovation, adaptability, and excellent communication in successfully bringing compelling designs to life..

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