Getting R.A.D with Jon Burgerman

Called upon to attend an event at Ink’d Gallery this week, we were looking forward to seeing the artist Jon Burgerman in action, as he held a life drawing event like no other at one of Brighton’s leading galleries.

However, this event had a twist - Jon Burgerman was in his studio in New York!

The Remote Action Drawing (R.A.D) event was part of Burgerman’s exhibition ‘Failure of Judgement’.

One by one, the selected audience perched in front of a video link up with Jon in New York and told him about their greatest lapse of judgement.

By the powers of drawing Jon then offered them a doodle solution to their troubles… see the results below and on Jon's blog.

We wouldn’t recommend taking Jon Burgerman’s advice when in strife, but we highly recommend heading along to Ink’d to see his exhibition!

Failure of Judgement runs until Sunday October 6th at Ink’d Gallery, Brighton.