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Run by YMCA DownsLink Group, e-wellbeing is a digital wellbeing service for young people in Sussex. The organisation provides vital information and resources around emotional health and wellbeing and connects people to support in their area when they need it most.

The Challenge

According to NHS research in 2017, one in eight (12.8%) 5 to 19 year olds reported having at least one mental health disorder. However, accessing support for these types of issues can feel confusing and complicated - especially when you’re younger.

The e-wellbeing team wanted to change this. They were looking for a site that could help young people access support and advice online, before being referred to a service. Because time is critical in many instances.

Alongside the team at e-wellbeing, we sought to design and build a website that provides immediate access to the right support - without delay.

Our Approach

We kicked off with a scoping session to explore and better understand the client and user needs; this helped us to define a robust website brief. Putting ourselves in the user’s shoes, we started to sketch out each individual journey. But we didn’t just imagine what users would want - we asked them.

Crucially, designs were shown to young users who passed on their feedback. This was then incorporated into our designs, ensuring we delivered a site that met the need of its intended audience.

Our UX and development teams worked closely to ensure that every stage of this personalised journey came to life on the site.

As such, the website features a series of interactive questions to establish how users are feeling, their answer will then determine what information and advice is most relevant to show them next.

The Outcome

A brand new website for e-wellbeing that reacts to how users are feeling and then, importantly, serves them the appropriate content. However, this is just the start.

Alongside the team at e-wellbeing, we’ll be looking to expand the site’s functionality and personalise user journeys even further - so watch this space.

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