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Natural Fit Gym is a local fitness establishment offering invigorating experiences for body and mind. The gym is committed to enhancing overall well-being, focusing on stress reduction, agility, and strength enhancement. The wide array of services includes a state-of-the-art gym, a soothing spa, varied fitness classes, a cosy café, and comfortable lounges. Open seven days a week, Natural Fit Gym aims to create a warm community where everyone can pursue their fitness aspirations and achieve life balance.

The Challenge

Having previously partnered with Natural Fit Gym on their branding and initial website, we had a solid understanding of their brand and vision. However, it was time to take the digital weight off their shoulders, flex our development muscles, and lift their website into peak condition. The game plan? Breathe new life into the site's design, supercharge content editing capabilities, bring their new Tunbridge Wells location into the spotlight, and integrate a seamless PerfectGym booking system.

The Approach

Starting with a detailed warm-up (our discovery session), we kicked off the project. While it wasn't a complete rebrand, we still took a fresh run at their branding guidelines, sketching out style tiles and design concepts that would set the pace for the new website. After getting the go-ahead on the designs, we built the website using WordPress, providing the Natural Fit Gym team with the tools they needed to manage daily content updates.

Custom component blocks were added to the mix, allowing for adaptable layouts that mirrored the design templates we developed. A pivotal part of the project was the integration of the PerfectGym booking platform via an API. This integration reduced manual labour, ensured a smoother user journey, and made the process of booking a class or registering for a service as easy as tying a shoelace. We strategically placed the "Book a Tour" feature near the header, encouraging prospective members to explore the gym's facilities and services.

The Outcome

Our joint efforts resulted in a visually appealing and technically robust website that caters to the needs of various users, including the administrative team. The overhauled website successfully highlights the gym's facilities, amenities, and the new Tunbridge Wells location, captivating potential visitors and nudging them forward in their fitness journey.

The improved content editing features now grant the team greater flexibility in managing and updating their website content. Prominent CTAs and PerfectGym booking platform integration has streamlined operations, offering members a hassle-free booking experience. The revitalised website encapsulates their commitment to health, fitness, and community, setting a solid foundation for their continued growth and success.

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